Tyrone, The Conway Famly

This is Us! Sessions

Normally This is us! sessions include a session at home and then on location somewhere scenic in Northern Ireland. These family portrait sessions are perfect for allowing us to slow down and capture all of the dynamics within your family.

Occasionally, when there is outdoor space, we can stay at home for these extended sessions. This might be out on the farm like in the Mulligan family’s session. However, the Conway family had plenty of space in their beautiful garden grounds to host three generations of their family. We also had time to enjoy a yummy brunch and some fun in the playroom.

This family home was the perfect location and gave us great opportunities to catch natural portraits of the three generations that make up the Conway family.

I really enjoyed meeting this lovely family! We had such a great day taking some sunny family portraits. This is just a selection of their photographs to show you what is possible with this type of photography session, enjoy:


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