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Family Film, This is Us! Sessions

What is like to be photographed by me? You might be asking yourself that very question. This special family film and session will absolutely give you a feel for the fun and adventures we can have when capturing your family session.

At the end of July 2021, in 30-degree heat, the Crilly family and I packed up the cars and headed for Newcastle. Thousands of holidaymakers met us there, the beaches and parks were busier than I’ve ever seen them. However, we spent most of our time climbing up to the wall on the Mournes for a different backdrop for this active family’s family film. The Crillys often visit the Mournes and Jessie, the youngest, has climbed most of the mountain peaks in the range at only 5 years old.

I’ve photographed this family several times over the years in the studio and at my home. It was nice to spend the day out and about on location and see how everyone has grown.

We captured the day on film as well as with photographs, filming on the drone and my SLR, in between taking photographs to ensure this was not going to be a session that was easily forgotten. Below is a selection of the images and family film that we created on the day. Enjoy – Kat x

Family Film

Selection of this family’s photographs


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