Well, here we are!  May first has arrived and I am blogging to you from sunny Spain 🙂

I’ve been teasing my social media followers for the last few weeks that something was about to be announced and my evolving blog mentioned that more changes were on the horizon……   Today is the day you find out what exactly is happening 🙂

I need you to understand, I have spent two years planning, learning from the past and a list of workshops, attending business courses, working with photography business mentors and redefining my new portrait photography business as Daisies & Buttercups was in the planning.  

My long-term goal is to open a custom-built studio on the farm here in the Moy but my short-term goal was next on the to do list.  Set up a portrait studio which needed to be in a wonderful local location, easy for my clients to reach and has great light, parking, resources and possibilities for expanding the team.  Brendan (soon to be my hubby), my business mentors Faye & Jane, and of course myself are so delighted that I have now found the right place to be able to achieve this goal, take all of this new found experience and knowledge and set up a beautiful and custom fitted natural light studio… the Linen Green Moygashel!

The Linen Green is only a 10-minute drive from Moy so it is super for me to have somewhere so perfect so close to home.  It is a designer retail village with stunning cafes and retailers which means I have the very best collaborators on my doorstep for hair, makeup, clothes, babies, props, etc…

I am in love with my new studio.  It is by far the most outstanding place I have viewed this last year while I was searching for the perfect place and the light, well, it is just breath taking for a photographer and you’ll see when we open what I am so excited about.  The photographs that will be possible in this space fill me with so much joy I wish it was opening day tomorrow!

I will now have the light, space, props and furnishings to offer premium newborn, toddler, family, model for a day & mini sessions in the new studio!!  As well as my sessions I will also on occasion host my beginner digital photography courses and events that will be non-photographic in nature but massively helpful to all of our mummies & daddies.

Our first week in the studio will begin on June 26th but as most of you know, I’m getting married to my Mr Right on June 5th and will have a few weeks off in-between.  So, if you would love to get booked in and find out more, please get in touch on the links above this month and if you want to see a video of me giving you a cryptic look at the studio this afternoon, check out my Facebook page.  We’ll keep you updated on our progress on Facebook, Instagram & the blog over the following 2 months!!

Exciting times are ahead!!  I can’t wait to share this next step in my photographic journey with you…  It’s going to be something very special indeed.

All my Love from sunny Spain,
Kat xx


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