Photographs tell our


Photography & filmmaking are the skills of storytellers.  We capture our own adventures through life and we also capture the lives of our loved ones and clients.  What else is a photographer but a historian and librarian?  Not of books but of memories!

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” – Andy Warhol

“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.” – Diane Arbus

– Frequently Asked Questions –


I’ve trained in companies throughout the UK & Ireland since 2006.  I have a fun and approachable training style.  No question is too small or too silly except for the one your too afraid to ask so please, ask!  If you want to see my full resume check out my LinkedIn page for my corporate training experience and add to that my photographic training through my career as a photographer since 2011.  I’ve taught photographers from the ‘point and shoot’ total beginners to aspiring semi-professionals.


There are many kinds of photographer out there in the world, from snap-happy family members, phone camera hobbyists to amateur photographers and pros.  Whatever your current level is, I can help you learn more about your camera and photographing the world around you.

For the Beginners course, it is best to have a camera that has a manual mode, it may not be what we call an SLR (professional looking camera with changeable lenses) but it does need to be able to take control of your settings and get you off automatic.  If you’re not sure your camera is suitable, send me an email and I’ll be able to help you find out.


I teach a beginners course 3 times a year.  If there is a night/outing that you miss (you must be able to do the first 2 as they are key!), you can catch up with another group doing the same course later in the year.


I find that I get asked this alot.  What you need to decide is what you most hope to get out of your time with me!

If you would love to know about photography and taking better photographs on your camera but don’t know where to start, the beginner’s course is for you.  It’s always fun to learn in a group and you’ll be able to keep each other right, someone else may ask questions you didn’t even think of and you’ll stay in touch afterward in the Shutter Bugs.  The course also works out better financially as everyone in the group is contributing to my time whereas on a one to one basis you will be the only participant.

If you do know exactly what it is you want to learn most then it’s possible a one to one (121) workshop with me is what you need.  We can tailor a workshop to what it is you want/need to know and you’ll have my undivided help and attention throughout.


Let me give you a helping nudge towards being a great photographer & family historian x

After you purchase your workshop or place on the beginner’s course, you will need to schedule your slot in the studio diary.  Visit our Book Your Session page and scroll to section 6 at the bottom of the page to see workshops.  If you are on the beginner’s course remember to check you are booking yourself a slot on the correct course as sometimes Kathleen runs more than one course at the same time.

– Kind Words –

My name is Madalene Magee I took a Beginner’s Course with Kathleen 5 years ago when I received a Canon DSLR Camera and had no idea how to use it off Auto mode. I always had an interest in Photography and wanted to learn how to take good photos of family friends and landscape.

Kathleen is an excellent and patient teacher her knowledge and skills makes the learning process very easy and all done with a wonderful sense of humour.  I really learned so much over the 9 weeks and found the experience so worthwhile.  Even in a large group, Kathleen gives you a lot of individual attention.

Since taking the course I can use my camera with confidence and so enjoy my photography much more and I can’t thank Kathleen enough for her patience and her support which continues to this day in the Shutter Bugs photography group she runs.

There is so much about photography online nowadays but nothing is better than learning in person, side by side watching and learning from a photographer and with a camera in your hand to put what you are learning into practice.  It just makes all the difference.  Thank you so much Kathleen – Ann x

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams