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What took us to Edinburgh this NYE you might ask!?  Well, Hogmanay of course!  In 2017 I married my lovely husband Brendan and it felt very fitting to whisk ourselves off for a few days as we said goodbye to the year we got married.  We’ll never be in 2017 again unless a Dalorian time machine comes our way and we wanted to make our wishes for our next chapter somewhere special.

Edinburgh did not disappoint.  We had an absolute ball and though we walked during the day and visited many of the cities attractions, I only took the camera out at night, when the real fun was starting!  So here are a collection of my favourite images from my 3 favourites nights of our trip……

1st up, the TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION which dates back to Viking days!  We loved this, I think this was the most spectacular, dangerous (it is real fire torches your rocking the streets of Edinburgh with after all and the wax torch burns almost right down to your hand by the end of the procession), and exhilarating way to start the festivities!

Over 12.000 torchbearers took over 2 hours to complete the 1-mile procession from Edinburgh castle to Holyrood Palace & park in the Scottish capital.

The torches are getting lit, it was getting exciting at this point!


Once our torch was lit, the band started drumming and off we went!

Once we made it into the park, the torches lit against the night was a beautiful sight!

Is it just me or do you see shapes in a fire too?  I love staring at the fire at home and see what shapes I can see.  For example, below left I can see a dancer or a horse and on the below right, a very frightened elephant lol.


Scotland’s young folk chose the word BRAW to be spelled out at the end of the torchlight procession by those who were holding torches in Holyrood park!  Brendan & I arrived before the aerial photograph was taken by the helicopter circling overhead just in time to be in the outlining circle under the W of the word #BRAW.  There was a huge roar when it came on screen and we could finally see what word we were standing in.

The evening got better with a few fireworks over the castle and some pipers on the stage.

After we were partied out, we walked home and watched the fireworks over the city on the way from the reflections in peoples windows and through the trees in the narrow streets!  We just loved it.

2nd Night – the NEW YEAR’S EVE STREET PARTY on Princes Street looking up at the castle for the fireworks. Well, of all the NYE parties I’ve been too, this one was possibly the biggest so far!  I think crowds in the range of 80,000, were gathered in the streets of Edinburgh and the parks to ring in 2018.

There was pyrotechnics on stages throughout the streets, acrobats dancing on the side of buildings, music, drink, festive cheer in the Christmas Markets and my favourite thing, of course, fireworks over the castle at the stroke of each hour leading up to an amazing display of fireworks at midnight!  Edinburgh really knows how to say hello to the new year with a bang.

Brendan wished to win the lottery this year lol and I wished for the studio to go from strength to strength.  We had a few private wishes of our own of course too and we danced until 12:30 and walked home feeling totally happy with our evening and not at all sad to see 2018 begin!

The final countdown to midnight was deafening in real life but quite sedate on the video…  80,000 people all ringing in 2018 together made some noise lol!

The Fireworks went on for a good 10-15 minutes and the end of the display was dazzling!


It fizzled out so beautifully, and 2018 was here!

The 3rd night – a photographer’s playground – EDINBURGH ZOO was hosting an amazing display of CHINESE LANTERNS that were stunning, we just had to visit on our last evening!

This next display was mesmerizing when you looked closely at how it’s made…

Tiny bottles of coloured water have been placed together to make up the skin of the animal Qulin.

This year we are entering the year of the Dog at the Chinese new year.

I found out I was born in the year of the Rooster & Brendan was born in the year of the monkey 🙂

One of my favourite displays was the Lion pride on their rock…

and the zebras down below (poor zebras but they look fit to look after themselves!).  It’s amazing how each animal has a very different personality or characters to it’s neighbour.

It was so cold, the flamingo pond was iced over, but they didn’t seem to mind and neither did we.

I love this one of Brendan, just looking so patient and slightly amused as I lost my marbles in the zoo.  I took home nearly 1,000 photographs from our 4-day trip and at least 1/3 were from the zoo.

It was all just so amazing!  Well done to all of the artists, and happy travels around the globe!

I hope you enjoyed this and my apologies for the long post, I just wanted to share it with you and maybe you’ve been or want to go someday.  I hope you do go and enjoy it all!  I’ll never forget it.  Happy New Year to all of my clients past, present and those to come in 2018!  I hope it is a good one for us all x

Top Tips for Hogmanay goers:
– don’t take a bag to the street party, they search bags and you’ll be in the longest queues as bagless party people queue separately and get in faster!
– buses run all the time, we only needed a taxi twice
– for the fireworks on NYE if you have a camera, get a good spot early (We did and we were glad because by 12 the streets were jammed)
– good walking shoes over glad rags for the street party as everyone is dressed up warmly
– if your torch goes out in the procession tilt it downwards as the stick inside is possibly still alight and will light the wax again if you point it at the ground out of the wind (don’t burn anyone lol)
– don’t beat it out on the ground either, they have huge bins filled with water at the end and along the way
– get to your starting point early or you’ll be queuing for ages waiting to have your torches lit, we were there at 6 and the procession started at 7, we set off at about half past but others were setting off close to 9
– enjoy it, it is magical and the zoo wasn’t on the Hogmanay website so look out to see what else is on at the same time in the city.